Log your JavaScript errors, so you can fix them
It is impossible to avoid errors in your JavaScript.
It is our mission to help you easily find your JavaScript errors, so you can fix them.
More than 10,000,000,000 page views monitored!

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A few screenshots

Who can use Muscula?

Anyone with a website or webapplication that has JavaScript

Muscula is already used by people in every part of the world. Websites of all kinds and sizes use Muscula. Billions of JavaScript errors have been logged. Let us help you log yours too.

What are the features?

  • No software to install? You're up and running in 5 minutes!
  • Several users on the same account?All developers on your team get their own login.
  • Show line in source code where error occurred? You betcha!
  • Sourcemaps and pretty print minified JavaScript? Yes indeed.
  • more features...

But what is Muscula?

You run Muscula on your live website

Muscula is used in your production environment on your live website. You will be logging the JavaScript errors that your real website visitors experience.
If you do not log JavaScript errors with a tool like Muscula you will never know that the errors happen. With Muscula you find the errors and you can fix them, keeping your visitors happy.

As one user put it

"I got it. Muscula is [a] kind of firebug, which unlike firebug works on all browsers and logs all the js errors as soon as they occur."

Want to know more?

You should take a look at the video of Muscula in action.


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